Jessica Segovia-Leyva, RN

Social media's mother baby nurse Jessica is the author of Once Baby's Here. Sharing years of postpartum, newborn and breastfeeding basics education. Empowering parents through education to advocate for themselves and newborn baby inside the hospital.

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Hospital Bag Checklist
Available in paperback hardcover and ebook

Book Reviews

“Finally an educational book that is easy ​to follow and understand for non ​medical parents.”

“Loaded with information most parents ​aren’t even aware of needing to know.”

Now available on audio

“Somehow everything was explained in a way that made me less scared and anxious.”

“A must for all parents, rather it’s your first baby or not.”

“I was more educated and comfortable speaking up in the hospital thanks to this.”

“I really like how Jessica put her personality into it. It makes the information more enjoyable and digestible.”

“The information is clear, interesting, and written in a casual and relatable way.”

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